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What is the Best Mini Coffee Grinder in 2020?

The Hario Mill Slim is an attractive, hand-cranked mini grinder that offers excellent value for money.  The Hario is easy to use and clean.  Its compact design makes it ideal for those with limited counter space, and the handle can be removed when storing the unit. See below for more info...

Article updated October 19th 2020

There is nothing quite as awesome as the rich aroma of coffee brewing, especially first thing in the morning - but to get a truly full-tasting drink, you need make it with freshly ground beans.

Grinding is a necessity for all self-respecting coffee connoisseurs. Unfortunately, some machines can be bulky and take up a lot of surface and storage space. One solution to the problem is to invest in a mini.

These compact units come in many forms. The majority are blade machines, meaning that the beans are sliced repeatedly until they are at right level of coarseness/fineness. These can be either manually operated, using a crank, or powered by electricity.

I hope that you enjoy reading my top 5 list for the best mini coffee grinder 2019 and find it useful.

The Porlex Mini has a stylish appearance that will grace any kitchen area, thanks in part to its Stainless steel, static free body. The mill features ceramic conical burrs capable of grinding to any fineness.  This compact product has a removable handle so it can fit into the smallest of spaces.

The Porlex Mini: Well Designed and Reliable!

Made in Osaka, Japan, the Porlex Mini is a well-designed product with a stylish appearance. Its static free body is constructed from stainless steel.

Consistent and accurate grinding is achieved thanks to the Porlex's ceramic conical burrs, which are easy to clean and will not rust. The handle can be removed from this unit when no in use, for easier storage.

The unit's dimensions are 5 1/4 inches tall by 1 3/4 inches diameter.

A Brief History of Coffee

  • According to legend, coffee was originally discovered by an Ethiopian goat herder, who found that his goats were super energetic after eating the red berries from a certain plant.
  • It was the Arabs who first cultivated coffee in plantations and for a long time they held a monopoly on the coffee trade.
  • The Turks were the first to create coffee shops in the 15th Century.
  • Coffee's early history was controversial and it was banned in some countries.  Pope Vincent III considered banning it but changed his mind after sampling a drink.
  • In the 18th Century, some of the European countries got hold of coffee plants, and began growing the crop commercially in their colonies, spreading the drink around the world.

An excellent and highly rated product that can be used as a food processor, as well as for grinding coffee, the Black & Decker CG800B Spacemaker has 2 stainless-steel blades, one for grinding beans and the other for chopping food.  Pulse button cord storage makes it easy to store, and there is also an under-cabinet mounting option

The Black & Decker CG800B Spacemaker: Pulse Button Cord Storage!

Another excellent machine to consider, measuring just 5-1/2 by 8 by 9-3/5 inches, the Black & Decker CG800B Spacemaker's unique design enables it to function as a mini food processor, as well as for coffee bean duties.

There are two stainless-steel blades, one for grinding and one for chopping food.

For convenience and to save space, it has pulse button cord storage, as well as a compact design.

Available in black or white colors, the Proctor Silex E160BY is a compact machine that takes up minimal counter space, with a retractable cord for easy storage.  The stainless steel blades are durable and easy to clean.  All in all this is a reliable and affordable product.

Affordable and Compact: The Proctor Silex E160BY!

Designed to use up a minimum amount of space, the Proctor Silex E160BY is a very reliable machine for a very affordable price.

As well as its compact and stylish design, the unit also features a unique internal cord wrap design, allowing you to retract the cord when the Proctor Silex is not in use.

The blades are made from durable stainless steel and the Proctor Silex is easy to clean.

This product is available in black, or white colors.

Offering incredible value for money, the KRUPS 203-42 is a versatile unit that can grind nuts, grains, and spices, as well as coffee beans.  Compact and easy to store, the machine is also durable and easy to clean.  Available for a very low price, this mini grinder is one of the best if you have a limited budget.

The KRUPS 203-42A: Personal Favorite!

One of my personal favorites (I have one in my office area), the KRUPS 203-42 comes in four different colors, enabling you to choose the right one for your kitchen.

Its stainless steel blades are powered by a 200-watt motor to deliver fast and uniform coffee grinding. 

This classic and best-selling product is versatile too, and can also be used with nuts, grains, and spices.

The Krups measures 6 by 3-1/6 by 3-5/9 inches, making it compact and easy to store when not in use.

Sleek and slim, the Hario MSS-1B is easy to store, as well as attractive in appearance.  The handle is removable too, for even easier storage.  The ceramic mill is durable and does not rust.  Easy to clean and use, the Hario is hand cranked so does not depend on an electricity source or need a cord.

Slim and Easy to Use: The Hario MSS-1B Mini Mill!

Compact, with a detachable handle for convenient storage, the Hario MSS-1B Mini Mill is an easy to use and easy to clean unit. The ceramic mortar means that it has no odor, plus it is durable and will not rust.

Hand cranking means that there is no power cord to worry about - you can use this grinder anywhere, take it traveling or camping if you wish. The handle can be removed for easier storage.

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